Hello World

Hello World.
I’m a programmer by training, so I had to start that way. My name is Scott Trotter, and I’m the Executive Producer and Technical Director of Paris France, an award-winning interactive media (a.k.a. web site) design shop located in Portland, Oregon. We use titles like that to emphasize to our clients that we’re a media production company rather than a technology company, but anywhere else I’d be the VP of Engineering or a Program Manager.
I’ve been meaning to start a weblog for quite a long time, but I could never seem to find the time to do it. Everytime there’s a flurry of posts on things like “what’s wrong with Flash,” or “CSS is a black hole,” or “what to do about the space program,” I’ve been itching to put my 2-cents in, but I’ve always been too busy to actually do it. I’m still too busy, but I’m going to make the time to write about the issues that are important to me.
I’m an original Mac owner (Jan 30, 1984), and I bought a copy of ThinkTank when it came out, so I’ve known who Dave Winer (and his brother Peter) were for a long time. I was a beta tester for Frontier 1.0, and have been reading DaveNet (and later Scripting News) since the Wired days, so when it came time to choose a blogging tool, there was only one choice: Radio Userland.
This weblog wont be like Dave’s or a lot of others, with dozens of links and brief comments every day. I’ll be lucky if I can find the time to post something 3 or 4 times a week, so I’ll only do so if I think I can make a worthwhile contribution to whatever topic is the subject of discussion. I’ll probably be playing around with the design, and eventually moving the site to my own server, both of which I understand are possible with Radio, so stay tuned.