Drivers License Arrived, (Almost) Ready to Depart

My permanent drivers license just arrived in the mail. This was the last thing that I was waiting for before I could take off. I’ve still got a few more things to take care of that will keep me for a few more hours. By that time, it will be early afternoon–about 2pm or so–before I could leave. I’m tempted to wait one more day and leave Saturday morning, just so that I’m not rushing to get to Pendleton before it gets dark.

Update: Yeah, I think I’m definitely going to wait. I want to have some time to get fully packed, load up the bike, then drive around town for a while to see how everything feels, if the load is balanced right, that sort of thing. I think its better to be able to make those kinds of adjustments here at home rather than along the roadside on Hwy 14. At this point, what’s one more day.

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