Scott’s Big Adventure: Waaay Behind on Videos

I am way behind on editing the videos of my trip. I got a late start out of Pendleton yesterday, which was due to my late start getting out of Portland the day before. I got into Pendleton after dark, so I had to visit all of my old haunts in the morning rather than the afternoon of the first day. So all that put me into Burns after dark.

I spend a couple of hours edit videos of the first day of the trip, but the going is slow. This is my first time using Adobe Premiere Elements, and the interface is unfamiliar. Also, my travel mouse was broken so I didn’t bring it along, but trying to edit video with just the trackpad is not working out very well. I’ll try to pick up a new mouse when I get to Boise. In the mean time, I’m definitely leaving Burns early in the morning, so I should get to Boise by mid-afternoon. Hopefully that will be enough time to get caught up on my blogging and videos.