Scott’s Big Adventure, Day Fifteen: Storm Layover in Springerville Arizona

I had pretty much decided this last night, but once I got up in the morning and took a look outside, I decided for sure: I’m not going anywhere today. I woke up to a full-bore thunderstorm, complete with thunder, lightening, heavy rain, high winds, the works. It lasted for about a half-hour, then it cleared up for a little while, then the next storm moved in and the cycle repeated itself. By the time I had gotten showered and dressed, there had already been three of these thunder-showers moved through the area. And by the end of the day, there had been at least a dozen–if not more–repetitions of the cycle.

During a sun break in the pattern, I walked down the street to a place called Java Blues. Expecting a simple, but civilized, coffee shop, instead I was greeted by a full blown cafe with a sit-down bar and lots of tables scattered around a renovated old house. There even was a full bar in the back half of the building. A lot of locals where in and out during the time that I was there. I ended up staying for both breakfast and lunch, not leaving until after 3pm in the afternoon. I tried as best I could to get caught up on my blog entries, as well as get a bunch of photos tagged and uploaded to Flickr.

It’s about 10pm right now as I write this. The skies have been clear since just before dark. The wind still flares up and shakes things around a bit every once in a while. The forecast for tomorrow calls for partly cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain in the mountains where I’m going, and calm winds. So it looks like I’ll be off again tomorrow to continue with Scott’s Big Adventure.